At webit: in ‘Sofia Digital Capital’

Sofia has a lot to offer tech entrepreneurs. One thing I didn’t expect to find is an event that attracts startups, sponsors and investors from all over Europe, and speakers and attractions from all over the world.

The cheesiest main stage announcer and visual effects EVER?

I was really impressed with the physical prototypes of assistive technology. Here is a company iRise (I think they’ll run into problems with this name in the US) that’s building great stuff. Their very first prototype is in daily use by a Bulgarian woman who cannot use her legs. That’s what I call product-market fit.

iRise prototype

I love coffee, but hate the waste. Remember, 99% of the ‘paper’ coffee cups made have a plastic liner that prevents them being recycled as paper! So a company from Plovdiv pioneers the edible coffee cup. This is probably DOA because you can’t advertise on it without (again) printing on paper. And they’re expensive compared to paper cups. And, while they’re approved for eating by whatever body approves food, nobody eats them because they taste like communion wafers. So, Cupffee–your heart is in the right place– but you’re doomed. Nice try!

Typical social media blitz going here–it basically looks like a Las Vegas software show, except conducted in a Soviet era brutalist convention center.

Mostly Bulgarian being spoken at webit: I couldn’t tell with this interview, but it was happening near the Italian business center’s booth…
This has to be a US company (or maybe Israeli?) — extracts demographic info in real time (plus your mood!) and of course advertises to you based on the info

While you’re ever in Sofia, you have to check out the alternative arts scene. Dance theater is a thing here: check out this dynamic group from Alma Alter Theater of Sofia University.